Industries Served

We provide the following products and services to the downstream, chemical, power, agriculture, renewables and other green industries, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many general industrial end markets:

  1. Specialty pipe, fittings, flanges, bar, manual valves, automated valves and automation accessories in carbon, stainless, high nickel alloys and exotic alloys.
  2. Valve actuation preventative maintenance (PM) and repair, rebuild and re-warranty programs.
  3. Valve actuation field service repairs and/or retrofits.
  4. Complete Project Integration Services.
  5. Complete plastic piping systems services including engineering, product supplies, fabrication, equipment supply and/or rental and field installation services for material grades of HDPE, PP, PVC, CPVC, and PVDF.
  6. Field and repair services for plastic piping systems as well as plastic piping installation equipment.
  7. Plastic piping systems equipment rental.
  8. Pumps, compressors, and other rotating equipment products, service, and repair.


In addition to our specialty grades of pipe, fitting and flanges supplied by Southwest Stainless & Alloy for refinery applications, Sunbelt Supply offers the key valve and automation products and services to keep our valued refinery customers up and producing. We stock and supply everything from HF acid valves and chrome valves for high temperature […]

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Chemical & Petrochemical

Southwest Stainless & Alloy and Sunbelt Supply offer a full line of pipe, fittings, flanges, and manual valves and automated valves in stock to keep your petrochemical or chemical plant up and running at peak performance. Whether you need more commodity type products in carbon and stainless material grades, or a more difficult product material […]

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The mining industry is a tough business that delivers real wear and tear on the materials utilized in the mining process. Both Southwest Stainless & Alloy and Sunbelt Supply offer multiple products and services for this rugged industry. We carry many different grades of carbon, stainless and alloy pipe, fitting and flanges, in addition to […]

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Power Generation

When it comes to generating power, FloWorks stocks materials that help keep the energy flowing. In our PVF products portfolio, we offer not only commodity grades of material in carbon and stainless but also high temp materials such as H grade stainless and various chrome grades such as P-91 piping for your steam piping applications. […]

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Oil & Gas

FloWorks brand companies work every day to supply a broad range of products and services to oil and gas-related industry sectors. Whether it’s commodity or specialty PVF in carbon, stainless and various grades of nickel alloys or exotic alloys; or manual and automated valves and services, we keep large inventories on the ground and ready […]

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Marine/offshore environments are rugged areas that require specialized products to handle the aquatic environment and unique service conditions ranging from simple water and salt intrusion to special corrosion and pressure requirements. At Sunbelt Supply, we have the specialty manual valve products in stock to handle these conditions, including items such as manual valves in all-bronze […]

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Midstream & Upstream

FloWorks provides our clients with proven PVF and valve automation products for midstream pipeline, tank & storage terminals and various upstream applications. Learn more about the manufacturers we work with and our inventory below. W-K-M Inventory Stocked in ASTM A216 Gr. WCC carbon steel bodies, 2-pc design trunnion ball valves certified to NACE, double block […]

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Food & Beverage

FloWorks services many customers in the food and beverages industries. We supply industrial grades of PVF items, automated valves, automated thermostatic control valve systems for glycol based cooling systems for the beverage industries and many products utilized in various citrus production applications.

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