We provide flow control solutions you can count on

Flow Solutions Experts

FloWorks has long-standing relationships with leading industry participants:

  • FloWorks has a proven track record of providing excellent service to our customers
  • 70+ MRO contract customers and supplier agreements with an average length of relationship of 15 years
  • Well-established, long-standing relationships, with ~70% of sales from customers with 10+ year tenures
  • Has a critical role in the distribution chain by providing customers with essential products and services in a timely manner
  • Inventory coverage and branch network enables high-quality and efficient service
  • FloWorks has expanded domestically to provide coverage to our core customers’ operations
  • Access to and availability of mission-critical products in times of short supply.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable sales force with systematic processes optimized to align with customer needs.


  • Branch locations in geographies with high concentrations of industrial customers
  • Experienced and knowledgeable leadership with strong reputations in flow solutions products
  • Broad portfolio of reputable valve, actuator/actuation components, valve controls, safety relief valves, pump, & other rotating equipment, and specialty PFF manufacturers
  • World-class supplier alignment, built through decades of stability throughout business cycles
  • Proven MRO capabilities leveraging local relationships and adequate inventory of required products
  • Customer service competence that has won numerous and recurring customer awards
  • Strong balance sheet and credit profile important to new and growing customers

Customer Advantages

  • Supply chain alignment provides advantageous inventory positions from preferred mills and manufacturers
  • Customer intimacy at local facilities, building a reputation of trust and reliability
  • Knowledge and expertise on specialty materials, valves and automation capability
  • Ability to manage supply to large capital projects across a wide SKU base
  • Digital integration with our customers improves order processing speed and accuracy and reducing costs

Global Flow Solutions Provider

Whether you are abroad or domestic, FloWorks provides technical support to deliver flow solutions that keep your operations running.

Geographic Reach of Services

FloWorks distribution network is strategically located to serve the local needs of our customers’ in global and industrial market.

Awards & Accreditations

The FloWorks group of companies holds over 70 major awards from our valued customers and manufacturers for supplier excellence.

Industry Associations

FloWorks is an active member organization focused on creating safety standards designed to keep the work environment free of harm.

FloWorks is not a singular entity but rather a family of award-winning companies that have come together to provide their customers with superior service and a wide selection of high-quality inventory.