FloWorks History in PVF Sourcing, Distributing and Consulting

How FloWorks Became the Critical Link in Your Supply Chain

FloWorks has many companies in its portfolio, the earliest originating in 1961. FloWorks has grown through acquisition and organic expansion including many new locations added since 2014 through acquisition, greenfield expansion, and joint ventures. The legacy brands under FloWorks ownership include Sunbelt Supply, SemiTorr Group, OEC, Flotech, Triple S, Genesis, and netMercury. Our expansion has been focused on adding more technical experts to our team and following our customers as we expand our MRO contract into new territories. For over 45 years, our legacy companies have successfully grown by building a winning team of technical experts, providing excellent customer service, and developing lasting partnerships with our vendors. 

“Our approach is that if it makes good business sense, is legal and moral, we will do whatever we can to ensure things go exceedingly well for our customers. Our experience has taught us that transparency, honesty, and flexibility are the foundation to providing superior customer service.”

–Larry Feld, Sunbelt Supply Co-Founder, and Chairman

FloWorks intelligently sources the best of valve, valve automation and specialty PFF from our manufacturing partners around the world.