FloWorks Culture

FloWorks Career Benefits

Our work environment offers employees a place to grow and learn. As we grow, we have provided opportunities for employees to work across town, across state lines, across the country, and across the world. It is indeed an exciting time to be a valve distributors employee at FloWorks.

We offer career opportunities in geographies of high concentrations of refining and petrochemical customers. We target experienced and knowledgeable candidates with strong reputations in valves, automation, pumps & other rotating equipment, specialty PFF, and other specialty flow control products.

We have career opportunities in sales, branch management, flow solutions, warehouse operations, supply chain management, sales support, and administration. Experienced candidates enter positions commensurate with their work experience and qualifications. While other candidates join us in entry-level roles in warehouse operations, sales support, and administration and through hard work and dedication, may progress to staff/senior professional roles and supervisory and management roles at the Floworks valve company.


Careers FloWorks is always looking for talented personnel to join our company to become one of our valued associates. Our associates are involved in many roles centered and focused on being the best in our industry in serving and surpassing…

FloWorks Family of Companies

FloWorks is not a singular entity but rather a family of award-winning companies that have come together to provide their customers with superior service and a wide selection of high-quality inventory.