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    We hereby represent that we are authorized to submit this application on behalf of the Buyer named herein, for the purpose of obtaining credit, and that the information (including any requested financial statements) provided to Floworks International LLC and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Seller”) is warranted to be true, accurate and complete. We hereby authorize Seller to request credit reports from credit bureaus (including consumer reporting agencies) regarding Buyer’s respective commercial credit and to otherwise investigate their respective creditworthiness before extending credit now or at any time in the future. We further represent that the Buyer has the financial ability, solvency, and capability to pay for all invoices within the agreed upon terms. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Buyer agrees to Seller’s payment terms of net 30 days from invoice, payable in U.S. dollars. Buyer agrees that all Terms and Conditions of Sale, attached below, may be amended from time to time, and shall apply to all sales and extensions of credit made to Buyer by Seller. All information obtained is kept confidential by Seller.

    Terms & Conditions of Sale

    For all questions or concerns, please contact CreditTeam@floworkspvf.com.