FloWorks Companies Collaborating to Deliver Integrated Flow Control Solutions

The FloWorks Process

Our deep inventories, combined with manufacturing capabilities, make us a superior single source for any flow control project. Whatever your industrial specialty or automated product needs, machining FloWorks can provide superior service and solutions to you. Many installations require unique components or individually designed parts. With our long standing manufacturer relationships coupled with our own in house manufacturing/production capabilities, we are in the business of making sure our customers have everything they need to get the job done right the first time.

FloWorks offers their valued customers the following services:

  • AML review
  • 24/7 on-call sales and service
  • Consignment programs
  • Stocking and delivery of consignment
  • Vendor stocking programs
  • Usage reporting
  • Summary billing
  • Yearly inventory
  • Complete valve modification services and/or trim changes by factory-authorized modification shops
  • Interior and exterior paints and/or coatings of valves and/or actuators to customer specifications
  • Valve actuation services
  • Complete e-commerce capabilities
  • Reconditioned valve programs to control cost and build an efficient system for total valve management through:

Customer Service

FloWorks delivers exceptional customer service, due in part to our operational network, which provides customers with a wide product portfolio, as well as fast and cost-effective delivery options. FloWorks measures its service levels in all of its facilities and is constantly reinforcing continuous improvement in all facets of its service platform.

Inventory Offerings and Accuracy

FloWorks carries more than $175 million worth of specialty pipe, fittings, flanges, valves, actuation, pumps and rotating equipment, which includes more than 128K SKUs in 50+ locations. Inventory accuracy is managed through daily cycle counts in each location, as well as through selective physical inventories. The breadth of specialty products and the attention to quality and accuracy offers a substantial competitive advantage over FloWorks’ competitors.

Process Discipline

In order to service FloWorks’ customers, it is imperative to establish a foundation of process control and discipline in all facets of their operations. FloWorks has built a culture that has led to the development of strong processes that enforce consistency and accuracy in all of their locations. This is due in part to FloWorks’ strong focus on safety, quality, inventory management, logistics management and warehouse management.

Continuous Improvement

Customers keep coming back for outstanding service offerings from FloWorks and our ability to exceed customer expectations. We continuously drive to improve in every aspect of our business. We are constantly challenging ourselves each day to be better than we were the day before. This type of underdog mentality keeps FloWorks sharp and focused on customer needs.

FloWorks LLC is a leading specialty industrial supplier of specialty pipe, valves, fittings, actuation, pumps and rotating equipment, and related products that provide integrated flow solutions to the energy and industrial sectors.

FloWorks Family of Companies

FloWorks is not a singular entity but rather a family of award-winning companies that have come together to provide their customers with superior service and a wide selection of high-quality inventory.