FloWorks International LLC Announces the Grand Opening of its Sunbelt Supply Shanghai Valve and Automation Center

HOUSTON – Sunbelt Supply, a FloWorks International LLC (FloWorks) company, celebrated the grand opening of its new Valve and Automation Center with an open house on May 12, 2016 in Shanghai, China. The new facility marks FloWorks continued investment and geographic expansion in valve and automation. The open house welcomed 80 customers and manufacturers. Attendees toured the newly stocked warehouse and automation center.

Sunbelt Supply Shanghai is a joint venture with the Shanghai based valve automation distributor, Unicus Technics. Sunbelt Supply has worked with Unicus for over a decade to support shared customers and officially formalized the joint venture in late 2015.

“Our new Shanghai operation is another step in the execution of our strategic efforts around servicing our long term customers as well as obtaining new customer relationships for both MRO and capital project needs with inventory and automation capabilities around the globe. The new center will offer another avenue to service daily operational requirements with services and products tailored to each customer’s valve and automation needs,” said Frank Riddick, chief executive officer of FloWorks. The new center will focus primarily on MRO needs of China based customers as well as other Asia based operations. FloWorks continues to add other geographies to meet the needs of customers on a global basis including the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

FloWorks International

FloWorks, formerly known as Shale-Inland, is a specialty industrial distributor that provides technical solutions to the energy and industrial sectors. Through our strategic locations in North America and Asia, FloWorks delivers a broad spectrum of valves and automation services along with specialty metal, pipe, fittings, flanges and related products just-in-time. Our close proximity to our customers allows us to act as a critical link in their supply chain. For more information, visit www.floworkspvf.com.

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